Past Meetings

Here is a list of all the extraordinary dive/meeting locations that OST Society has been to over our 41+ year history! To view the program from past meetings in PDF form, just click on the meeting location. Also, please use our Contact Form to submit your professional topic and secure your spot for the 2015 meeting!

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2015 Infinity Bay Beach Resort Roatan, Honduras Dr. Jim Benjamin
2014 Presidente Cozumel Resort Mexico Dr. Jim Benjamin
2013 Little Cayman Beach Resort Little Cayman Island Dr. Jim Benjamin
2012 Playa Hermosa Costa Rica Dr. Paul Lachiewicz
2011 Curacao N.A Dr. Frederick Buechel, Jr.
2010 Cozumel Mexico Dr. Frederick Buechel, Jr.
2009 Bonaire N.A Dr. Stephen Dow
2008 St. Lucia WI Dr. Stephen Dow
2007 Cayman Brac BWI Dr. Stephen Dow
2006 Heron Island Australia Dr. Frederick Buechel, Sr.
2005 Abaco Bahamas Dr. Frederick Buechel, Sr.
2004 Curacao N.A. Dr. Frederick Buechel, Sr.
2003 Bayahibe D.R. Dr. Robert Henderson
2002 Little Cayman BWI Dr. Robert Henderson
2001 Palau Micronesia Dr. Robert Henderson
2000 Dominica WI Dr. Frederick Laun
1999 Peter Island BVI Dr. Frederick Laun
1998 Bonaire N.A. Dr. Frederick Laun
1997 Cozumel Mexico Dr. Thomas Howard
1996 St. Lucia WI Dr. Thomas Howard
1995 Ambergris Caye Belize Dr. Thomas Howard
1994 Lizard Island Australia Dr. Frederick Buechel, Sr.
1993 Providenciales Turks & Caicos Dr. Frederick Buechel, Sr.
1992 Peter Island BVI Dr. Frederick Buechel, Sr.
1991 Cozumel Mexico Dr. Peter Keblish
1990 Grand Cayman Grand Cayman Dr. Peter Keblish
1989 Bonaire N.A Dr. Peter Keblish
1988 Long Island Bahamas Dr. Jack Pushkin
1987 Grand Turk Turks & Caicos Dr. Jack Pushkin
1986 Cayman Brac BWI Dr. Jack Pushkin
1985 Bonaire N.A. Dr. Blackwell Sawyer, Jr.
1984 Tortola BVI Dr. Blackwell Sawyer, Jr.
1983 St. Croix USVI Dr. Jack Sbarbaro
1982 Montego Bay Jamaica Dr. Jack Sbarbaro
1981 Walkers Cay Bahamas Dr. Jack Sbarbaro
1980 Freeport Bahamas Dr. Murray Glickman
1979 Grand Cayman BWI Dr. Murray Glickman
1978 Peter Island BWI Dr. Murray Glickman
1977 Freeport Bahamas Dr. Murray Glickman
1976 Grand Cayman BWI Dr. Murray Glickman
1975 St. John USVI Dr. Murray Glickman