The Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma Society (OST) was founded by Murray Glickman , M.D., J.D. and Jack Sbarbaro, M.D. It began as a small group of Eastern Orthopaedic Association (EOA) divers who ventured to St. John’s Island (BVI) directly from the 1975 EOA meeting in Puerto Rico to discuss the feasibility of establishing a new diving organization that would incorporate casual but highly scientific presentations, a family-friendly atmosphere and exceptional scuba diving opportunities.OST LogoThus, was born the Orthopaedic Scuba and Trauma Society. Because of potential conflicts and possible misunderstandings, the word Scuba was replaced with the word Surgery to make it clear that this organization was a serious group of orthopaedic professionals.

The following year, OST met immediately prior to the EOA meeting in October, 1976. The interest generated in the first two OST meetings resulted in the permanent establishment of an annual meeting to be held independently in June to cover orthopaedic surgical topics in general, as well as, trauma (thus OST). Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit hours were established to provide ongoing educational credit for those professionals in attendance. Group of divers, on the surface of the water

The overall purpose of OST, as originally founded, was to gather together a relatively small group of orthopaedists who enjoyed diving, flying airplanes and each other’s camaraderie. Each member – or guest – was required to present a professional topic or paper to the rest of the audience, who happened to be the attendees of the meeting. In this way, the attendees were the meeting.

This combination of presenting and diving has attracted a number of outstanding orthopaedists from our country and from around the world. Spending a week with formal educators in the orthopaedic field in a small one-on-one group has provided unique learning experiences, as well as, the establishment of new friendships.

In summary, the OST organization was formally ‘established’ in 1975 and has thrived ever since, not only as an educational experience but also as a family vacation opportunity.